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Acuvisor’s focus is the PoSP.

Trains dynamic young people, in the age group of 18 to 25 years, as Insurance Professionals.

Certifies composite PoSP, in both Life and Non-Life. Training by the company is free of cost.

Teaches PoSP’s how to do business and approach trusted prospects via our platform

Calculates the Human Life Value of the Prospect and recommends suitable Policies.

how it works

Indians as a people, prefer personal contact to fully online experiences. Our PoSP is a ‘Tech enabled’ Salesperson who uses technology to study Insurance, and also to educate the PROSPECT

Get Trained and certified
Classify Your Contacts into Leads
Setup up meetings with prospects
Earn a living by Helping your Peers

Precise HLV reports with our patented methods

  • Needs Analysis to calculate the Human Life Value
  • Accurate predictor of a prospects financial future
  • Recommendations that assist your customer achieve their goals
  • Satisfied customers that value recommendations you provide

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